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Bulletin - Vol 9 No. 1
January/February 2006


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Marino Rocks Lighthouse downgrade

by Garry Searle, South Australian representative LoA Inc

A couple of weeks ago, our South Australian representative Garry Searle noticed that Marino Rocks lighthouse in Adelaide was so dim that he had trouble seeing it from his house nearby. 

Taking a closer look in the daytime, Garry confirms that the parabolic reflectors developed in 1962 (referred to on page 199 of From Dusk till Dawn by Gordon Reid), have been removed and a little acrylic lens has been installed in its place. 

What used to be quite a bright flash is now almost non existent - even some house lights in the vicinity shine brighter. The light's specifications on the sign in the lighthouse grounds have not been amended, but the character is now one flash every ten seconds.

More photos are available at http://www.justimagine.com.au/lighthouse/Marino_Jan06/

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