Why does God allow suffering?

Why does God allow suffering? Where is hope?

Sickness. Divorce. Kids rejecting us. Death of someone we love. Financial hardship. Family tension. Let alone tsunamis, earthquakes, war and poverty. Suffering is so hard. Why does God let it happen? Why?

Some say that it’s just karma, while others say it’s just what happens in a world where there is no meaning. But deep down we know that people matter and this world must have a purpose. God, in the Bible, gives us the most live-able and truest answer. He tells us that the world is broken and groaning, which leads to suffering. Yet because he loves us, he gave his solution – Jesus, who knew deep suffering and so can identify with us, when we go through it. But Jesus also took on the punishment and brokenness of the world when he died. And so God can now create a new heaven and earth with any sickness, pain, tears, suffering or death. God gives us ultimate hope through Jesus.

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