Women’s Growth Groups

Women’s Growth Groups are great places for women of all ages to get to know one another better, to study the Bible and to pray together. One of our Women’s Growth Groups has a crèche running at the same time.

Women Connecting

The first Monday of the month, women of all ages go out for dinner. This is a social event to build relationships and welcome newcomers to the church. If you’re interested in Women Connecting, please contact Gerda on 4390 7821

Women’s Retreats

Each year we have two Women’s Retreats where we go away together to hear God’s word taught and encourage one another.

Other Women’s Events

At various times throughout the year other events are run just for women. Some are to help women to grow in their faith, others are to bring friends along to hear about Jesus.

If you are interested in any of these things, please contact us, or visit us one Sunday.