This page is really just for the regulars at Lighthouse Church. If you are just looking into Jesus for the first time, we would love you to come along to church one Sunday and not think too much about money and giving.

For the regulars, there are two ways you can give. Direct Deposit is preferred. It is also preferable that the Direct Deposit payments be monthly as this reduces administration (multiply the weekly amount by 4.3 to get the monthly amount).

  1. Direct Deposit: Internet banking allows you to set up automatic weekly/monthly or one off payments to the Lighthouse Church (previously Northern Lakes) bank accounts. Ensure the “Payee” name is Northern Lakes EC and use the appropriate account (below).
    1. General Giving BSB 032505 Account no. 247443
    2. Building Fund BSB 032505 Account no. 247435
    3. Church Planting BSB 032505 Account no. 270686
    4. The Field’s BSB 032505 Account no. 270678
    5. MTS BSB 032505 Account no. 270694
  2. Red Giving Boxes on Sundays (Cash): Money placed directly in the red giving boxes will go to General Giving. If you would like to give to anything else please use the envelopes beside the boxes (or take some home) and specify on the envelope where you’d like the money to go.


Events Payments

For Northern Lakes conferences and events we have a separate account to receive payments into. Please include your name and an abbreviation of the event with any payments.

BSB 032505 Account no. 282791