Primary School SRE

Special Religious Education (SRE), also commonly known as ‘Scripture’, is offered in most NSW government primary schools. This is supported by the Education Act which requires that ‘time is to be allowed for the religious education of children’.

Northern Lakes Evangelical Church is an approved provider of SRE in NSW schools. Each week during school terms our teachers get to teach the gospel to children at Woongarrah, Warnervale, and Wadalba Community School who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear what about who Jesus is and what he has done for them. We are very grateful to partner with other local churches in this important ministry.

The age-appropriate curriculum we use is ‘Godspace’. The program aims to engage kids in a fun way as they explore the Bible and get to think on the claims of the Bible for themselves. An outline of the ‘Godspace’ curriculum can be found at:

As an approved provider of SRE, our teachers must:

  • confirm and demonstrate a growing, committed relationship with Christ
  • demonstrate desirable characteristics of a children’s/youth ministry worker including respect for others, being wise, careful, open in their actions, be able to teach and being ‘teachable’
  • be a member of Northern Lakes Evangelical Church
  • maintain a current working with children clearance
  • complete initial training and instruction in the requirements and context of SRE in schools, in basic skills such as preparing and delivering lessons, and orientation to the curriculum
  • complete an approved child protection training course (and refresher every 3 years)
  • complete a period of on-the-job training and assessment with an experienced SRE teacher
  • receive written authorisation by Northern Lakes as a person who meets the above requirements and is able to teach SRE in schools.

To find out more about SRE in schools, or about how you can support or be involved in SRE, contact


SRE process for new teachers and ongoing support and training.

  1. Initial training involves
    1. WWCC complete and validated
    2. Child protection training completed
    3. Meeting with new leaders to prepare new teachers with an understanding of the regulations surrounding SRE, the cultural context in which we do SRE, basic skill training and orientation to the curriculum. In addition classroom management training will be provided as formal or on the job training or a combination of both.
    4. Requirement to read out Northern Lakes Policy on working with children (NLEC03 and NLEC04 )
  2. Ongoing training will be provided to leaders in the form of support and sharing of ideas among teachers once a term.

Any concerns, complaints or feedback may be discussed directly with the authorised special religious education teacher. However, there may be times where you would prefer to speak to someone else.


Any concerns?

If you would like to discuss concerns about special religious education generally, you should contact the school.

If your concerns relate to a special religious education teacher approved by Lighthouse Church, or the curriculum used by a teacher from Lighthouse Church, you can initially contact us by emailing If you would like us to contact you by phone, please leave your name, contact phone number and a brief description of your concerns. We will arrange for our one of our Pastors or Safe Ministry Representatives to contact you. It is likely we will seek your consent to share your concerns with the relevant school liaison person.