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Leading on Summerfest

Leading on Summerfest

2-7th Jan 2024

You’re invited to join an awesome opportunity to partner us at LIghthouse Church in local mission and be equipped for a lifetime of serving Jesus.

Key Dates

Summerfest 2024: 2-7th Jan 2024
1st Team Meeting: 2nd Sept 2023
2nd Team Meeting: 11th Nov 2023

What is Summerfest?

Summerfest is a week-long program run by Lighthouse Church that equips you to serve Jesus with your whole life. We see over 250 kids and teens come along, many who haven’t ever heard about Jesus! There’s intentional training during the lead up to summerfest and during the week. You get the opportunity to learn how to run awesome games, write bible talks, and explain the gospel to kids. It’s an epic week serving God and hanging out with other people who are on fire for Jesus.

Jeremy’s Story

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Why you?

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Aims of Summerfest

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Why join us on Summerfest?

1. Summerfest is run by Lighthouse Church and so follow up will happen. We see many families from Summerfest get connected in with church.

2. Get equipped for a lifetime of ministry. We have 2 meetings during the year to train and prepare for summerfest as well as ongoing training from team leaders and training during the summerfest week.

Got Questions?

Email the Summerfest Directors for more info:

Or give Josh a call: 0490 165 179

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